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GRAYHORSE ENTERPRISES, Herbalist, Gemology, Consulting, Lightworker, Musician, Computer Tech

Herbalist, Gemologist, Lightworker, Alternative Medicine, Consultant, Bookkeeping and Computers

Herbalist, Gemologist, Lightworker, Alternative Medicine, Consultant, Bookkeeping and Computers
Alaskan Jewelry; Topical Medical Oils, Financial Consultant, Holistic Health Care, Lightworker!
ECLIPSE OILS, a Topical Medical Oil
Herbalist, Gemology, Financial & Computer Consulting, Holistic Health, Lightworker

We are a Husband and Wife Team! 
 Tom offers, as a LPN and Herbalist A Holistic Approaches with Alaskan Native Healing Plants and Chinese Herbs.  Gemologist for 25 years, minining Alaska Gemstones and Crafting Unique Native American Jewelry with Silver Settings.  He is a Musician/Songwriter for Tabla/India Music through his Guitar and Drums bringing a unique quality to his music.
Kimberly is a Lightworker, Sensitive, RainbowWarrior and Palmist.
 The Worldwide Harmonic Medicine Wheel, May 8, 2004 at Highnoon is my current project.
 Bennie LeBeau, Eastern Shoshone Tribe had this Vision in 1999 and hopes to surround Mother Earth in One Big Medicine Wheel starting at the Grand Tetons to 19 Spokes in a 600 Square Mile area. Go to
 RavenBear, Tklinget Alaskan, is guiding my steps after I visioned a massive healing done through the Medicine Wheel, via computers. I saw participants awaken to their Inherent Gifts and manifest them through their teaching and guiding.
 For Information on a Medicine Wheel, or to conduct a ceremony in lieu of a Spoke go to and Join For Free, on the homepage go to Files, Kim
I was a Columnist representing computers in the Talkeetna Good Times, for two years.   I created a forum for readers at
I offer computer user consulting for free via my web site.

Alaska's beautiful rivers

Tom and Kim enjoy the Alaskan Bush lifestyle.
We work from our cabin in the woods, and thanks to computers can offer our services and products to you by ordering from the Internet.
Tom is North American Indian originally from California. Kim was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska.

Grayhorse Enterprises has been in the Matanuska Bureau area for five years. This is where the famous Mt McKinley, largest mountain in North America resides.
  We intend to spend the rest of our lives in this beautiful state.

Eclipse Topical Medical Oils Welcomes Steve & Terri Hickok! They own Alaskan Charm, Italian Charms & Alaskan Treasures in Wasilla, Alaska

 North on the Parks Highway, on the Road to Talkeetna & Mt McKinley Park. Their phone number is 907-357-2369  Open: Mon-Fri 10-8, Sat 10-6 and Sun 12-5


Kim needed relief from her neck and spine from two Lamenectomy operations. She also has Osteoarthritis, Degenerative Disc Disease, two bulging discs, Curvature of the Spine, and trauma Myelitis. "I am in pain everyday and it's just a matter of degrees."

I use Kims'Slipped Disc Oil for the back problems. It helped so much we decided to share it with others. I also use Piercing Rock Oil

for the different kinds of pain I experience. I carry a bottle all the time with me.

Don H. said the 21 Step Pain Release allows me to comfortably work in a busy medical environment. I had previously pretty much wrecked my lower back, one leg, and one shoulder.

Ray F. used Triple 7 Muscle Relaxant after he ruptured a lower back disc. He talked with the Orthopedic Surgeon, who advised an operation, Ray didn't want to use such a radical approach by operating on his back unless the pain was overwhelming. We delivered a bottle at midnight for Ray when he ran out; telling us it is an emergency because he couldn’t sleep without the oil.


Our company offers unique selections based on original jewelry.
Our services are through experience, and hard learning.  We promise to bring you quality goods, and expert services.

HC 89 BOX 442
(907) 495-8016 Phone/Fax