GRAYHORSE ENTERPRISES, Herbalist, Gemology, Consulting, Lightworker, Musician, Computer Tech

Herbalist, Gemology, Financial & Computer Consulting, Holistic Health, Lightworker

Herbalist, Gemologist, Lightworker, Alternative Medicine, Consultant, Bookkeeping and Computers
Alaskan Jewelry; Topical Medical Oils, Financial Consultant, Holistic Health Care, Lightworker!
ECLIPSE OILS, a Topical Medical Oil
Herbalist, Gemology, Financial & Computer Consulting, Holistic Health, Lightworker

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The Eclipse Topical Medical Oil Prices are:
The cost for consulting for an indepth topical medical oil based on your medical conditions after receiving your information is a one time fee of $20.00 (twenty dollars).

We offer two size oils: 1 (one) ounce = $15.00 (fifteen dollars) and 3 (three) ounces = $40.00 (fourty dollars) Shipping and Handling for the United States is $5.00 (five dollars) and all other countries $8.50 (eight dollars and fifty cents)

The pain formula oil 21 STEP, and PIERCING ROCK are $10.00 for 1/2 ounce and $17.00 for one ounce

  Jewlery Prices Vary Depending on Your Unique Order
We have locally mined Alaskan Jade and Stones that are special to this region in Alaska.  Tom also works with semi-precious stones.  A unique animal spirit encompasses the silver settings.
You can also order Alaskan Jade separately.
Email us at with your order!
General Financial Services $15/hr
Contract Bidding for
Individual, Sole Propriership, Partnership and Corporations
Computer Consulting $15/hr
We have a recipe for men who want to grow back hair, especially the top of their head.  This is a proven method, my husbands picture on our Home Page shows more hair!
The natural ingredients can be bought at any Health Store.  This unique combination really works! Only $19.95.
Email us your shipping information, and we will immediately mail the Recipe to you!
Holistic Medicine go to will grow Hair!
                      Email us and we will tell you how!
Musician/Original Native American Songwriting,
Please call or email
Ordering a Crocheted Hair Scrunchie? Please email your name,
address, phone number, what size and color you would like, and we will ship it!

We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about us and our services.
We reside in Interior Alaska, known for the highest mountain in North
America, Mount McKinley. The fishing is wonderful, the berries are
sweet, and the beauty is overwhelming.

You can reach us at:

Grayhorse Enterprises
HC 89 Box 442
Willow, Alaska 99688

Please email us at
For Topical Medical Consulting please go to

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